Fight for Freedom by Resetting the Net!

reset the net for freedomThe internet to me is supposed to be a place of freedom and privacy. It seems to be a new way for us to connect and evolve. We can meet new people, explore new ideas, and learn pretty much anything online. Of course, it is true that the world would not be the same without the help of the internet. Read More

9 Reasons You Should Meditate

meditateAlmost everyone has heard of meditation and most of us have given it a shot. Some love it but many struggle with excess thoughts and quickly give up. This is really a shame because there are so many benefits of a daily mediation practice. These benefits have been known by monks for ages Read More

How Not to Fall in Love


There’s got to be a certain something in humans that causes them to fall in love with an idea. Not just some people, but the mass majority of the population. iPod’s, Facebook, cars, the Mona Lisa, religions are all ideas and materials that the mass majority of the human race loves, whether they like it or not. What is the connection between these products and the flood of dopamine in our brains? There really is no simple answer.

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Reality is Something of Our Own Creation

eye of reality

Why do things seem to get worse and worse when you are having a bad day? Or get better and better on a good day? Why are we guaranteed to hear a word within 24 hours after learning it? Why Read More

3 Benefits of Cold Showers

cold showers

Majority of people take very long warm showers, but is this the healthiest way? Even though getting into an ice-cold shower after waking up isn’t always something you would look forward to, it could Read More

5 Movies to Expand Your Consciousness

Everyone loves a good movie. For me to really like a movie, it has to play with interesting concepts as well as be entertaining and well done. Some movies have stood out and have had me thinking about them for days after. Below are my favourite thought-provoking movies that are bound to expand your consciousness.

american beauty

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Waking up to the Beauty that Surrounds us

beauty, wake up

Does your life seem dull and ordinary? Many people live their lives in a state that I’ll call “asleep” in which excitement seems to be nonexistent. When you “wake up,” which is my term for a type of Read More

3 Books for the Psychonaut

books, psychonaut

Exploring consciousness as a “psychonaut” can be interesting and mysterious, some may even find it scary. The books below should help any psychonaut with their exploration. These books give Read More

How to Tune in and Become Who You Really Are


Sometimes we behave in ways that cause disharmony with our beliefs. Many people today live in a state where their internal concepts are in conflict with their external behaviour. This causes discomfort and dissatisfaction in life. When we tune in we create harmony by expressing our true Read More

What was Jesus Really Talking About?

jesus, cross Christians’ interpretation of Jesus’s words truly confuse me. They are trapped by a ridiculous belief system. Their belief in God, the creator looking down on us; heaven, the place good Christians go after death; and hell, the place where non-Christians go cripples them from actually growing Read More

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