How to Get into the Zone

the zone

We all have on and off days, we all know what it feels like to be really killing it at whatever we are doing. When things seem to just fall into place perfectly, and it is almost as if you do not have to try Read More

Controlling Reality with Your Thoughts

how to control reality with your thoughts

Hear about how you create your own reality yet? You probably have, considering the trendiness of these ideas among new agers. If you are not familiar with the concept I recommend you read my previous post on the subject. Alright, now that we are all caught up let’s take a look at how we really Read More

Now is the Eternal Moment

everything is now Have you ever procrastinated about doing something thinking that you would be more ready to do it in the future? Then, when that time came you discovered you were no more ready than before? It seems we can only ever live in one moment, and that is now. Our minds separate life into past, Read More

6 Ways to Treat Depression Without Antidepressants

depressionHave you been affected by depression? It seems it is hard not to be today. Nearly everyone at least knows someone who is or has been depressed. It is all around us, yet we seem to know very little Read More

We are All the Same in our Humanness

We are the same in our HumannessSometime we get so caught up in our differences that we forget how similar we really are. I mean, we are all human aren’t we? Shouldn’t that count for something? We all get angry, sad, happy, excited, etc. Our lives all consist of pretty similar experiences. Plus we all have our unique flaws that ground us to humanity. Our differences are more apparent than real, we mustn’t let them fool us. Read More

How to Properly Use Psychedelics as Tools

psychedelicsWhat are psychedelic drugs to you? Party drugs? Something evil? Something sacred? A tool? Everyone seems to have a different idea of what psychedelics are and how they can be used. Although they can be fun recreational drugs, they can also be extremely powerful tools in Read More

Top 10 Blogs to Expand Your Mind

Top 10 Blogs to Expand Your MindIn need of something new and thought-provoking to read? Well, you have come to the right place because today I am going to share my favourite blogs to read that all help me understand what is Read More

The Anatomy of Doubt

doubt flower

“You are the most valuable project of your life.” -Sifu Florin Szondi

For years I would have disagreed with that statement. I would have asserted that it was never about the ‘project’ of me… it was about justice, and righting wrongs, and serving the higher good, and about the truth coming to light. Now comes the realization that there is a single end result of all projects. Every effort I made, everything I was involved in, served, ultimately, to improve me. Read More

The Religion of Science, A Threat to Thought?

Science Religion

What did science do for humanity? Look what it did to religion. It was the the beginning of a new mode of reasoning. Nevertheless, this new mode of reasoning is not outside humanity’s habit of attachment. Because of this, science seems to limit many of us in a peculiarly similar way to religion. Read More

Understanding the Drug Problem

Drug Problem

Do you do drugs? Before you jump to say “no” I’d like you to think about all the things you ingest to alter your body or mind in some way. Drugs are everywhere and everyone uses them.  Terence McKenna even argued that T.V. is a drug. There is no escaping drugs, especially in today’s world with our abundance of drugs. And yet, there is a strange hypocritical taboo surrounding them and I Read More

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